Bomberos de San Diego

PO Box 1392

Chula Vista, CA  91912

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About Bomberos de San Diego

Bomberos de San Diego is a non-profit organization comprised of San Diego Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics dedicated to helping meet the needs of the financially underprivileged communities of San Diego. Bomberos de San Diego promotes excellence, pride, and leadership in the community and is directly involved in numerous fund raising and community events for educational programs and other charitable organizations.


Be a vehicle to promote leadership and expertise within the emergency service profession.

Offer a positive example to the community by active participation.

Maintain a strong cooperative relationship with organizations that share our goals.

Bring a sense of pride and self-worth to our members through service and deeds.

Enhance the image of the fire service to the Latino community.

Respond to the need of our youth through education, experience and example to develop future leaders.

Offer assistance to the international Latino emergency service through training, expertise and resources.

Strengthen our tomorrow through our efforts of today.